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Company Breakfast Meeting

Company Meeting

After only a short twenty years of operation FGS Group had their first full Company Breakfast Meeting at 7.15 a.m. today! 

Bacon, sausage & egg baguettes, washed down with fresh tea, coffee and hot chocolate made the shock of such an early meeting palatable. Nigel Kellett (Managing Director) says “I like to catch up with staff first thing in the morning as that’s when we are at our brightest………. so long as you don’t mind the yawns”.

Nigel started the meeting at his usual quick pace….regaling us all with jokes and humorous anecdotes….but seriously…..

Nigel started off by introducing new and less familiar staff members to the operational team. We all said “Hi” to Audrey, Sheila, Alan, Amanda, Michael, Christine, David, Andrew and finally Allen.

Nigel told us that despite the fact that the financial environment is very challenging for all of us in the present climate, we are still holding our own and we are having to look at ways of being smarter and more efficient. But overall, Nigel is confident that we are in the right trading place at this particular time, albeit very tough.

There was even more good news when Nigel announced that FGS Group are going to be looking at reward schemes in the next financial year….so hopefully we can all look forward to something like Profit Share.

We have just started on the bid process to win the new Amicus contract, telling us that contract will be awarded in March 2011, explaining that one of the main reasons we have been concentrating on getting the IIP/ISO standards awards is so we can bid for this work, adding “without them - we can’t even start”.

Congratulations to all those involved in the ISO/IIP process. Nigel can already see positive things coming out of this.

We are introducing post contract meetings and will involve key staff, so that we can learn what we do really well and what does not quite work.

NVQ Level 3’s have already started and should finish January/February next year. Again it is our clients and the industry which are driving us to reach these standards so, to stay in the market place, we must continually improve.

So Nigel’s message is simple……..

Be professional…
Think image….
Attend and be responsible for Training….
Work on our communication.

In summary, Nigel believes that the survival and success of the Company is dependent on each and every one of us saying “We can’t do this without YOU, so thank you for all your hard work during these last few months and with good luck and a fair wind we will still be here at the end of the recession, stronger and able to take full advantage of increased opportunities”.

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