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Just A Taste Of Gardening

Container Planting Session, Pebsham Community Centre

FGS Group, in partnership with AmicusHorizon, deliver “just a taste of gardening” – One of a series of taster sessions as part of the AmicusHorizon 'Get On' course.

The ‘Get On’ course includes two weeks of taster sessions, followed by five separate personal development modules over five weeks. All tasters and courses are free to attend and the project is supported by the National Lottery 'Big Lottery Fund' and AmicusHorizon.
The FGS Group container gardening session was held at Pebsham Community Hall (pictured) on Friday 21st May 2010. Vanessa Porter, AmicusHorizon Community Development Project Officer, told us “One lady who attended is now very interested in becoming more involved and I was able to provide her with information about Resident Involvement activities”. Vanessa went on to add “the feedback from all participants was 100% positive” in fact one participant said "I had a really good day and found it very interesting. Thank you." And another "I liked all of it. Nothing I didn't like.” Vanessa thinks that “FGS have done a great job” and “I very much enjoyed working with them”.
Nigel Kellett, FGS Group Managing Director, says that “it is vitally important that we all understand that if you can help, then you should”. Nigel also believes “as a company, community responsibility is something that we take very seriously, so any opportunity we get to participate we do”. FGS Group has delivered a number of community projects this year, including resident planting days, resident training sessions, sponsorships for sporting teams and, of course, sponsoring the Hastings Beer Festival.

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